Friday, August 2, 2013

drinks to die for

This summer, the Brooklyn Historical Society has teamed up with Green-Wood Cemetery and Brooklyn Brewery to host a monthly happy hour on the cemetery grounds called "Drinks to Die For". 

Other than historic trolley tours, the cemetery doesn't often hold events (you can't even bike or run through it...walking only), so this sounded like a pretty interesting opportunity. They even had a band playing in the chapel. Rock n roll?! At Church?! My inner Catholic was a little distressed. Oh, but the alcohol in church? I'll let the Protestants sweat over that one :)

Sadly, as soon as we arrived, they ran out of the good beer and had to offer us Coors Light instead :( And then they eventually just ran out completely even though we still had drink tickets to burn. I guess they weren't expecting such a crowd. Who wouldn't want to hang out in a graveyard to have a few drinks? I think they've struck gold with the idea. And the proceeds benefit the Brooklyn Historical Society, so I guess I can't be too bummed about my "donation".

Here is Kurt looking really upset about his sub-par beer. What. A. Hipster.

There's only one more Drinks to Die For event this season. Don't miss it on August 22nd! Get there early for the good stuff and to find the best tombstone to hang out by!


Because we are crazy and can't seem to sit still/stay in one place for a few days, Kurt and I are travelling with friends to Portland, Maine this weekend to explore and eat our body weight in lobster. I! Can't! Wait! Wish us luck! Maybe I'll post some pictures...right after a few Charleston posts...oh, and our apartment of these days! Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!

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