Friday, August 16, 2013

friday morning ferry ride

Jenn and I have been trying to make it to the monthly Creative Mornings breakfast series when it works with our schedules. The talks are always interesting and who doesn't love free breakfast and coffee? They are normally held in an event space in DUMBO, but this month we took a ferry from Manhattan and convened on Governors Island. Leslie Koch, the President of the Trust for Governors Island, talked about how the island fits into this month's global theme of "urbanism" both in the past and heading into the future. 

It was foggy, drizzly morning, so everything seemed to be a uniform level of gray. The top of the Freedom Tower was even hidden in the clouds! Thankfully we didn't get rained on, so the ferry ride was fun and it was nice to ease into Friday with a peaceful morning. There are chapters all over the world, so find a Creative Morning in your city! 

1 comment:

  1. The view of downtown from Governors Island is one of my favorites. Stunning!


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