Monday, August 12, 2013

housewarming! (+mini apartment tour)

Kurt and I recently got around to having a housewarming at our new apartment. It was a wonderful time with lovely friends. I had so much fun and like to think I was such a good hostess, I didn't take a single photo of our guests. I only got a few prep shots when Kurt and I were readying the custom label wine and variety of bruschetta.

For party food, Kurt and I decided to create a whole range of bruschetta...well, some fun toppings on bread, at least. They were a huge hit and we were able to cater the options to our vegetarian and gluten-free guests (with special GF bread). Peach: ricotta, basil, peach, honey. Lox: cream cheese, red onion,capers, smoked salmon. Veggie: herbed ricotta, zucchini from Kurt's garden plot, red peppers. Pork: Kurt's extra special balsamic pulled pork recipe. Pesto: ricotta, pesto, cherry tomato.

We asked our friends to help us stock our bar and they far outdid any of our expectations. We have the best friends! Thank you so much! We're going to have to another party for them to help us drink it all!

And since I got no photos with people IN the apartment, I thought I would take some after shots while it was still halfway presentable to guests :) Keep in mind, it's a work in progress still! Here is the entry and the kitchen. Black doors! Those babies deserve a post of their own.

The living room complete with two couches (ready for football season!) and a sizable dining table (and Aubie in the window). That couch by the window is begging, no, pleading, to be recovered. In due time, sweet couch!

View from the living room towards the entry. You can catch a glimpse of our gallery wall and the item that makes me the coolest girlfriend ever. Yep, that's right. I got Kurt a 4'x6' Ohio flag for our anniversary. Sometime's it's visible from the sidewalk and we've gotten a few Ohio hoots already :)

The bedroom. It's the room giving me the biggest panic attack currently. It needs some work and will hopefully receive the TLC it needs in the coming months.

In addition to the copious amounts of liquor we received at the party, Kurt's friend Runit and his family gifted us this gorgeous wall hanging. It's from India! How exotic! :) It is currently the only thing on the walls in there and I'm okay with letting it guide the rest of the space. You've got to start somewhere!

And finally, the bathroom. Small spaces are hard to capture but it's a far improvement from the starting point (if you want to remind yourself). It needs more color and things on the wall and more storage and organization but it works! 

Thanks for taking the tour! I hope to have more polished,explanatory pictures in the future.


  1. so cute! I love the different bruschettas idea for a party, and you're so thoughtful to think of everyone's dietary preferences. And where are those two black shelves from in your living room?! They are so cute and i've been looking for a small shelf!

  2. I looove your apartment! You have done such a great job already! Love the bathroom color - it makes such a difference. Also, the things you added to your kitchen look fantastic! Plus those black doors look amazing!


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