Monday, September 30, 2013

weekend in review

If every weekend could be as gorgeous as this one, Fall might slowly overtake Summer as my favorite season. It was warm and sunny with the slightest hint of crispness. If only Winter weren't right around the corner...I'm trying to enjoy the lovely weather while I can!

Kurt is in the process of changing jobs, so we had some going away drinks with his current coworkers on Friday night in Brooklyn. On Saturday, we attended an Oktoberfest backyard cookout a little outside the city (currently in its 26th year!) before coming back to the city to watch Ohio State take on Wisconsin (the Buckeyes won!). On Sunday, I took part in the City Modern Home Tours and volunteered as a docent at an awesome house in Brooklyn. It's a long day on your feet but so fun to see in some gorgeous homes and talk to lots of random people about design. After my volunteer stint, Kurt and I met up with a friend who is moving away from the city this week :( We shared a pitcher of beer at Connie O's and yummy donuts (red velvet crumble, chocolate sprinkles, lemon filled) from Peter Pan* before getting authentic Polish food in Greenpoint. New jobs and cities are best prepared for with lots of good food and drink, obvs. 

*(I've been less than on top of the NYC Donut Tour, but it is not forgotten. I'm probably better off sprinkling it in when I can. See what I did there?!) Peter Pan had a large selection of really classic flavors and they were super cheap. Very tasty but a little messy. Definitely grab some napkins! Thanks to Daina for the suggestion!

727 Manhattan Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Friday, September 27, 2013

charleston: east and west of king

This one's for you, Mom!

Sorry for bombarding you with Charleston photos. But I'm really not sorry because it's so effing pretty. I'm doing you a favor! So when we weren't strolling down King Street, Kurt and I did some perusing of the other neighborhoods on the peninsula. Items of note:

We stayed at the NotSo Hostel in the Cannonborough/Elliotborough neighborhood (great deal, by the way!). It is mainly residential with some really great bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout. It was nice and quiet with places that seem under the radar of tourists and college kids. I feel like all our travels these days are viewed through the "could we live here?" lens. If we ever call Charleston home, I wouldn't mind living somewhere around that area.

The College of Charleston has such a gorgeous campus.

The Historic City Market is kind of fun. If you can block out all the tourists and cheesy souvenirs and imagine yourself 200 years ago, the building is super interesting with gorgeous light.

Waterfront Park. I rolled my eyes and dragged my feet like I was five years old when Kurt took me here and proceeded to take a billion photos. In fact, it is quite beautiful. I'm just a brat.

Wandering is underrated. I wish we had had time to do more!

Don't worry...more Charleston posts to come next week! Have a great weekend!!!
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