Friday, September 6, 2013


5 years ago today I moved from Alabama to New York City. Coincidentally, this is my 500th blog post. While semi-unrelated (I lived in the city a couple years before starting my blog) they are pretty exciting milestones for me.

While looking through some photos of the last five years, I came across some images taken from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade when I lived in my first apartment in the neighborhood. (Another noteworthy 5 is how many apartments I've lived in! Ha!) Brooklyn Bridge Park was just in its infancy at the time, so the waterfront looks pretty bleak.

Fast forward several years and it's a gorgeous park (though still under construction) where I spend many a summer weekend (even though I live quite a few neighborhoods away now). This city changes daily and I do my best to keep up, evolving and hopefully improving along with it.

I'm not sure how much longer I will live here (2-3 years? 10? Forever?!?!??) but the adventure has been outstanding and I am so happy I have his platform to record and share it. 500 more posts? I sure hope so! As always, thanks for reading!!!

[The last couple photos are from the BBP Pop-Up Pool where Kurt and I had a drink a couple weekends ago. Five years ago I could have not even fathomed sitting in that spot with my toes in the sand having a beer. How times change!]


  1. Happy 5 years in NYC! It's crazy to see how things change in just a few years. It's neat to have photos to document the transformation!

  2. that's awesome! and so neat that you're open to whatever opportunity presents itself - wherever!

    also, loving the black doors below, it really makes the room pop

  3. happy nyc-a-versary & congrats on 500 posts! that's nothing to sneeze at! :)

  4. happy anniversary, melissa! the city is better for having you in it!


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