Monday, September 23, 2013

charleston: king street

It's been about two months since Kurt and I went down to Charleston, South Carolina for a short vacation. I had been wanting to go for years and was definitely not disappointed. It is easily one of the most charming places ever. The buildings are gorgeous and old. It's super easy to get around without feeling too small. The food and drinks were to-die-for (more on that later) and the people were super friendly. I am seriously scheming of ways to get Kurt to move there! I wouldn't mind a few years somewhere warm, relaxing at the Southern pace, and taking frequent trips to the beach! Now if only I could convince my ski bum boyfriend of all of Charleston's perks...

These are some photos from King Street, the major commercial strip that runs the length of Charleston's peninsula. There were so many shops, restaurants, bars, and people on it. Look forward to lots more Charleston images as I sort through the hundreds we took. Seriously, it's a gorgeous place.

[some photos by me, some by Kurt]


  1. I've always wanted to visit Charleston, too, but have not made it out there ... yet! What great photos & a nice capture of the city! I

  2. these pictures make me so nostalgic for my home of 4 years. it will always have a piece of my heart and at least 1/3 of my friends haha. i'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. i could help you with those reasons why to move there.....

  3. what a lovely place! i was just talking to someone about charleston yesterday - i'd love to visit someday!


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