Tuesday, September 3, 2013

getting lost

So blogging has taken a backseat to real life lately. Sorry for the absence but it's been one busy summer! Here's to July posts well into October...

I normally take my runs through Prospect Park but have been getting bored with the basic loop. So one day I decided to get lost. Take trails I had never been on. Climb stairs with no destination in mind. Try and learn the ins and outs and secrets of the park I consider my back yard. 

I had so much fun! It required lots of stopping and starting, so the exercise was sort of compromised but it ten times more interesting than mindless laps. I found Lookout Hill, the Boathouse, the Camperdown Elm and many gorgeous views. I can't wait to get lost again!


  1. No need to apologize for not blogging! Summer nights are definitely better spent exploring your backyard than sitting at a computer :)

  2. Good old FLO designed on hell of a park....


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