Monday, October 7, 2013

charleston: the food

Oh my. Kurt and I ate well on this trip. Charleston has so many incredible restaurants and bars that it wasn't too difficult. Not only was the food stellar, but the design and graphics of every place we went took it to a whole other level. I love the full package. I did my research ahead of time by combing through blogs* and getting recommendations. And because I'm OCD, I made a lovely color coded Google map of all the places I wanted to hit. It's a little (okay, a lot) crazy but the map was so handy when we were wandering around and got hungry. I like to remove as much worry and stress from traveling as possible. So here are most of the delicious things we ate and where:

closed for business // 453 king street // pork rinds and local beer

hominy grill // 207 rutledge avenue // watermelon mojito and salmon potato cakes

black tap coffee // 70 1/2 beaufain street // iced coffee

south end brewery // 161 east bay street // beer flight

two boroughs larder // 186 coming steet // ricotta anchoiade toast and grilled octopus with brussel sprouts

monza // 451 king street // pizza (I can't remember what kind! But it was awesome!)

fuel // 211 rutledge avenue // local beer in an old gas station

wild flour pastry // 73 spring street // sticky bun and tomato quiche

taco mamacita // 2213b middle street, sullivan's island // fish tacos

bin152 // 152 king street // fancy wine

poogan's porch // 72 queen street // alligator salad, she crab soup, and shrimp and grits

brown's court // 199 st philip street // coffee, pastries, and lovely side porch sitting

xiao bao biscuit // 224 rutledge avenue // I couldn't tell you what we ate if my life depended on it. The dishes are so interesting and delicious. This was one of my favorite meals of the trip!

warehouse // 45 1/2 spring street // shandy shakedown cocktail

the belmont // 511 king street // beautifully crafted cocktails

the taco spot // 221 1/2 coming street // fish burritos

paolo's gelato // 41 john street // jasmine gelato

not pictured: elliotborough mini bar // 18 percy street

sadly not visited (there are only so many hours in the day! next visit!) : 
the ordinary // 544 king street
fig // 232 meeting street
butcher and bee // 654 king street
the gin joint // 182 east bay street
the rarebit // 474 king street

*Please check out Olivia's blog. It's a constant love letter to Charleston and where I got the bulk of my suggestions. That girl knows her city!


  1. we visited my brother for a weekend when he used to live in Charleston and I feel like we went to none of these cool places - I definitely need to get you to make me one of those maps hah and I totally agree with you, when there is no plan, choosing a restaurant can actually become quite stressful (especially when people are hungry!)

  2. I seriously thought I'd died and gone to heaven when we went to Bin152 - such a cool place! We were only in town for a day so we missed a lot of the city's great restaurants... can't wait until I make my way back there!

  3. Wow you ate SO much good food down there! It all looks fantastic and I am now suddenly very hungry...


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