Wednesday, October 23, 2013

new england road trip: providence

Oh, you want more travel posts from the summer, you say? Well, buckle up because I've got tons! Sometime months ago (is it really the end of October already?!), Kurt, Erik, Silvia and I got the idea to take a road trip to Portland, Maine. In hindsight, driving was the worst idea ever because all of the northeast goes up the Maine on summer weekends (yep, all of them) and the routes are few, equaling lots and lots of slow moving traffic. Train all the way, next time! Anyway, we stopped by a few towns along the way to soak up as much New England as we could. First stop: Providence, Rhode Island. We were only there long enough to get coffee, wonder around a few waterfront parks and shops downtown, and check out the Italian neighborhood. Before heading on our way, we popped in a store with hundreds of varieties of ravioli. A Providence highlight for sure!

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