Friday, October 25, 2013

new england road trip: salem

The next stop on our New England tour was Salem, Massachusetts. At the time, Kurt was working at his old firm, and they were doing the master plan for a coal power plant transitioning to natural gas in Salem. It's much more exciting than it sounds and was great to have Kurt show us around town and explain all the concepts he had been studying for months. We explored the awesome downtown, had lunch along the water at Victoria Station (yum to the crab sandwich), and tried to avoid all the witch hunt frenzy as much as we could. Salem had this old, historic vibe but was also dense and walk-able enough to make it feel really pleasant. If there was more than industry than tourism there, it might be a nice place to live :) Cue me taking photos of all the charming old houses. Salem is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Northeast.


  1. Hey now, all Charleston has is tourism.

    I really enjoyed our quick stop in Salem, glad I got to show you around!

  2. Beautiful photos. Loved the historic buildings but as you said, we avoided the witch hunt frenzy as well.


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