Friday, December 6, 2013

all i want for christmas

I'll admit it, I'm obnoxiously picky. I blame it on being in a design field. I have a particular way I want things to look and stubbornly stick to it. This drives my family crazy and they think I am such a snob. (I claim I don't need things that are expensive, I just want them to be pretty.) Anyway, my mom is tired of my shenanigans and wants a list of possible Christmas/birthday gifts. Sheila, this is a good time to practice following links/online shopping. Good luck!

My post-graduation (5+ years ago) Dell laptop is on its last leg (which makes this blogging thing a drag), so I'm considering drinking the Apple kool-aid and switching to a Mac Book Pro. Those puppies are expensive, so I am also accepting Apple gift cards to put a dent in the purchase. ► I hate cleaning our floors but I just HAD to have a cat, so the hair tumbleweeds are a problem in our apartment. I promise a robot vacuum will make my life 300% better. ► I also want need new stools for our kitchen. 

I try to work out several days a week. To prevent constantly schlepping my laundry (or multiple wears/smelling like a homeless person), I could add some more capris and tops to my workout wear arsenal. ► All that running requires shiny new kicks too. I don't really like my current Nikes so I am hoping to venture into new territory with Brooks sneakers. Plus, these totally fit into my life color scheme. ► Additionally, hydration is key. Keep your poisonous plastic, I want a bkr glass bottle in kvetch (see: life color scheme).

I've decided I want to be a fancy and wear perfume. Not the Victoria Secret/Bath and Body Works sprays of my youth, but real bonafide eau de parfum. In my dream world, beach by Bobbi Brown will be my summer scent and something simple like Fresh's Sugar Lemon will hopefully carry me through the rest of these god forsaken winter months. ► Part 2 of being an adult: having lovely scented candles strewn around our apartment--and not that artificial Glade junk but quality herbal/citrus ones. (It's true. I am a snob.) ► I am loving big, chunky necklaces these days. J. Crew Factory has some great ones (and they're on sale!). ► Very few things bother me more than a broken finger nail. It always seems to happen when I am out and about, so I need to add a travel manicure kit to my bag.

I'm on the hunt for a new winter hat, preferably a pretty color with a pom pom on top. (Note: this is probably something I will be extra picky about. Dumb, I know.) ► An ice cream maker has been a dream of mine for a while. It will be devastating for my waistline but so so tasty. I can't wait to try out interesting flavors like those from Jeni's and Salt and Straw. ► Arcade Fire tickets! Eh, Kurt?! ► And finally, a PUPPY!!!! C'mon Santa, please come through for me!!!!!!


  1. I have those Brooks and I LOVE them. Great Christmas list! My thesis year computer is dying too, would definitely love a new macbook pro!

  2. Apple has excellent refurbished laptops to save a little money

  3. I would be so nervous about getting a little off-tone from your life color scheme. So funny. Great Christmas gift ideas for myself.

  4. First of all, I really love the design that you used here. What program do you use for posts like these? Also, my boyfriend's mom is getting tired of my shenanigans, too! I never know what to tell people this time of year. I usually buy the things I want for myself (hello, Cyber Monday), so I have nothing to ask for!

    Apple! I will say that while Apple computers are expensive, they last. I've had my current laptop since 2008 and the only reason I would even consider buying a new one is because I cracked the computer screen something fierce. It still works beautifully.

    I love that ice cream maker and Illume candles! They are my faves. My candle madness started some time after grad school and I never looked back. I spend way too much on them.

    Puppy! A puppy to chew on your fancy new chairs! ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  5. GREAT list! I found some new stuff to add to mine now ;) Oh and I'm in LOVE with the Brooks. I have them and want to wear only them for-ever!

  6. I love those stools and am trying to convince my friend to get them for his place. I am living my dream loft life through him. Also want the same water bottle and puppy. Great color scheme as well.


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