Wednesday, February 26, 2014

star talk live! @ bam

On Monday night, Kurt and I went to see Star Talk Live! at BAM (in the gorgeous opera house) hosted by our favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. We really didn't know what to expect but were looking forward to some entertaining and nerdy science talk. The panel ended up being really stellar (science pun!) and very fun. It featured neuroscientist Heather Berlin, actress and scientist (and vegan cookbook author) Mayim Bialik, comedians Eugene Mirman and Michael Ian Black, and actor Paul Rudd! About a third of the way through the talk, NdGT took a break to introduce a new guest and the crowd erupted. We were sitting in the nosebleeds, so it took me a while to register who was getting so much applause. It was Bill Nye the Science Guy!! So exciting! The talk focused on the brain and how it works and doesn't work and how we research it. The scientists were incredibly knowledgeable and interesting and the comedians interjected random humor throughout. It ended up being very hilarious and entertaining. Who knew science could be so much fun?!


  1. 5-star pun right there!

    (see what I did there?)

  2. How cute are you two. and I love a good geek out :)

  3. this look awesome. i love bam!

  4. I am so incredibly jealous! This seems like such a fun evening!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  5. oh MAN i wish i had gone to this (particularly with Brian, who's a physicist). BAM has so many things going on it's impossible to keep track of them all and I always feel like I miss good stuff. I'm doing a lot of stuff at work that is focusing on the brain and it 1. never ceases to amaze me and 2. never ceases to amaze me how much we don't know (and my never know). I just finished reading "Proof of Heaven", written by a neuroscientist, and I would highly recommend it. He talks a lot about spirituality + the brain + the depths of which are brains might go that we are not aware of. I found it a fascinating, though provoking read. You may really enjoy it!


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