Monday, February 10, 2014

weekend in review

The weekend got kicked off with a fun happy hour and continued on with some tasty, culturally diverse meals (including Vietnamese and French-Caribbean). I had a couple exercise classes and did some wandering around Red Hook before a (what seems like bi-weekly) trip to Ikea. All that action called for some relaxing time at home napping, writing Valentines, and watching lots of Olympics. Go USA!


  1. Monday morning.....maybe you should save these posts for Tuesday or Wednesday so that the next weekend isn't so far away!

  2. You have been soo much better than me with keeping up with blogging in the New Year - enjoying catching up on your posts, especially the new fitness ones - trying to stick with classes myself (easier said than done!) - also I have had so much fun exploring Brooklyn recently, going to look through more of your posts for recommendations!


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