Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[workout wednesday] circuit of change, nalini method, and ymwc

[Circuit of Change: Mindbody Bootcamp]     Kurt and I regularly take this bootcamp class at our YMCA. We love the instructor and the class is a great mix of cardio and strength training. So when I looked over the Classtivity list, I was very intrigued to try a different bootcamp class, especially when it was offered by a place that looks like a yoga studio. I was foolishly skeptical of how hard a workout could be when you're barefoot on a yoga mat (psh! where are the dumb bells?! the steps?! I can't burn calories without my sneakers!) but I quickly learned otherwise. The instructor was an absolute maniac--but it a good way--and the class was like yoga on crack. We were constantly moving, jumping, rolling, bouncing. Up! Down! Punch! Kick! It was super energetic and fast paced. Sometimes the moves were a little complicated, but I felt like as long as I was moving, I was getting some benefit. And before I knew it, we started winding down for a nice long stretch and cool down. Overall, the class was super fun. It would be fun to go back with some girlfriends to get a great workout AND laugh at each other bouncing around and fake punching the air like crazy people.

[Nalini Method]     I'm going to start off by saying this class totally kicked my ass. I went in completely unprepared (see my aforementioned skepticism of bare feet and yoga mats) after a late night on the town and one too many drinks. But even if I had been at my prime, I think it would still have been brutal. The class focused on strength training with weights/body weight and and used some barre methods. The moves were slight but we did what felt like a million reps. Oh the repetition! At one point we were doing leg lifts on the floor with ankle weights and I was nearly in tears. Meanwhile, my superhuman neighbors were barely breaking a sweat. Anyway, once you get past the burning and shaking muscles, it's an incredible workout. The instructor was sweet (but tough) and really helpful. She makes a point to learn everyone's names and encourages you (or corrects your form, in my case) often throughout class. If I can swallow my pride enough, it would be fun good for me to go back. Maybe I should brush up on the podcasts at home first!

[Your Movement Wellness Center: Pilates]     I had never taken a Pilates class before but always assumed it was a more intense version of yoga. I guess they are similar but Pilates seems to flow less smoothly between moves. It also focuses more on strength training specific areas instead of stretching. And I'm pretty terrible at it (not that I'm any sort of expert yogi). A lot of the moves require core strength which I apparently lack completely. Fortunately, the class was really small, so the instructor was able to help me with the moves. I guess you have to start somewhere, so I think once I get a foothold on the basics, it will be a great strength building addition to my regular routine. I'm hoping to find a class at the Y and start building some nonexistent abs! Any Pilates tips out there?


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