Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[workout wednesday] elements fitness studio and dance motivation fitness

Sadly, this is my last installment of Workout Wednesdays for a while. I finished the 10 classes with Classtivity and had a blast trying out some new studios and classes. I found a lot of the sessions tougher than I thought they would be, but instead of being discouraged forever I'm hoping to keep pushing my boundaries to continue getting stronger/faster/more flexible. Trying all these places was intimidating at first, but eventually I learned that the instructors were there to help and thrilled you were even taking their class. They were all super sweet. (Must be all those exercise endorphins.) So don't be afraid to try a new class and ask questions! And if you hear of any fun classes in NYC that aren't too pricey, send them my way!

[elements fitness studio: cardio boxing/piloxing]     This class ended up being really small (me and two other girls) so we had lots of interaction with the instructor who was really nice and helpful. She broke it up into several different phases like punching cardio, resistance bands, hand weights, mat work, holding balls between our legs etc. so there was never a dull moment. It was a great all around workout with emphasis on toning. The small class was nice, so the teacher could come around and help you with your form if need be. 

[dance motivation fitness]     I was really excited about trying this class. It sounded like fun way to get a cardio workout that didn't feel like work. I like the idea of dancing but really don't do it very often. But I forgot I'm really quite rigid and not a very good dancer and my hips certainly do not move like Beyonce's. When the class got started, I was really floored at how tough the choreography was and how fast it moved. I know that the main point of the class was to keep moving, but I would have rather gotten a few of the steps right instead of flailing around while trying to keep up. (Plus, the class was in one of those dance studios with mirrors everywhere. I know it's good for correcting your form but I would rather not watch myself look like a moron.) So because I was very self conscious, I didn't have very much fun for the first half of the class. Eventually, I started to get the hang of some of the moves (or at least enough to fake it). I looked around and saw all these other ladies having a blast. No one was an amazing dancer and no one cared a bit about what I was doing. So from that point on I tried to let loose, wipe that terrible "I'm frustrated" scowl off my face, and try to have some fun. And it sort of worked! The music was fun and the instructors were really encouraging. I chatted with one of the organizers after class and she said the first time is always a little rough, but they use a lot of the same moves in each class so the more you come the more familiar you become. That's how they get you hooked! :) Anyway, I'm tempted to go back because it has the potential to be a really fun class. I think I will practice some of my Beyonce moves in the privacy of my bedroom first though!

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