Monday, March 31, 2014


This weekend, Kurt and I hosted the latest installment of the "Off" cooking series with a Ball-Off! Normally, the challenge is centered around a particular ingredient (see Beet, Lemon, Pumpkin) or a certain dish (see Dips, Pizza) but this time we focused on shape. With such vague parameters, I was really excited to see what everyone would come up with and they certainly did not disappoint. We crammed our teeny apartment full of friends and so much incredible spherical food. All the dishes were just as delicious as they were creative, so it was insanely difficult to choose the winners. But of course, our competitiveness won over and only a few people could leave with trophies and bragging rights:

Best Overall: Buffalo Chicken Balls with Blue Cheese Dip, Liz and John
Best Savory: Arancini al pesto, Kurt (his first win!)
Best Sweet: Oreo Balls, Liz and John (double win!!)

I made Kale Bacon Feta Balls which were pretty good (I got a few votes!) but didn't end up winning :( Regardless, I'll be sharing the process along with the winning recipes soon. Everyone is super excited about the next Off and kept throwing out possible ideas for the challenge. Any suggestions out there?


  1. this is an awesome idea. brian makes something like oreo balls i think (he calls them oreo truffles) and they really are divine.

  2. What a fun event! Everything looks and sounds delicious. I am addicted to all cooking competitions on TV, even though aside from baking I am a completely failure in the kitchen!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! And now I want some meatballs.


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