Wednesday, April 16, 2014

crochet jewelry class

I recently attended a class at the Brooklyn Craft Company in Greenpoint. I've been eyeing their courses for several months, but none of their (kind of pricey) offerings ever really inspired me. However, when I saw this jewelry making class being taught by Andrea Bocchio, I was excited enough to spend the $65 without much question. I have seen Andrea's pieces at markets and craft fairs around the city and was really interested in learning how she makes them.

We chose some colored yarns and chain while Andrea walked around showing us her technique. I've never done crochet before and it was much harder than I thought. [Andrea is from Peru and has a very adorable accent. She was constantly saying "perfect! perfect!" even though what we were creating was far from perfection.] After a few rows of color, I slowly got the hang of it.  Three hours later I had a pretty sloppy looking product which could possibly pass as a necklace (Andrea says a typical one takes her 15 minutes or so) but I look forward to trying it again and honing the skill.

Until then, I've got my eye on this bracelet from Andrea's collection. Check out all of her beautiful pieces here. And check out Brooklyn Craft Co. classes here


  1. My great grandma and mom have tried to teach me to crochet. I could sort of do it when I was younger, but my mom tried again and I gave up. I just get her to make me the things I want now. Might pass this along...
    Yours looks great!


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