Friday, April 11, 2014

on the hunt: art

Kurt and I have a lot of things on our walls. In fact, we are running out of real estate. We've got posters and prints and maps and license plates and a tapestry and even a flag. But now I've zeroed in on this one wall in our bedroom that would be perfect for a big piece of art.

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Of course now it will be impossible to choose something! We're working on printing some personal photos (not a single one in the apartment so far!) but a huge dramatic photograph could be nice for the spot I have in mind. I've seen some great mountain scenery but I'm not sure I could stand Kurt's ski mania at a higher level than it is now. I would actually prefer something beach themed but it's hard to find a photograph that isn't cheesy (unless you can spend oodles of dollars on something from Gray Malin).

An abstract painting of blobs of color could work and there are several options on Etsy for affordable originals. I tend towards the blue/green spectrum but have also liked some accents of reds/oranges. I'm usually cheap but could see trying to DIY this being disastrous. Plus, I don't hate supporting up and coming artists.

A loosely painted landscape/seascape could also be nice but the options I've come across have been pretty blah. There's a fine line between the piece looking like it was painted by a five year old and getting too Thomas Kinkade-y, if you know what I mean.

Do you have any sources for affordable art? Any favorite pieces/artists out there?


  1. 1. Wish we had been in Central Park that day Banksy was selling stuff.

    2. Mrs. Biddle has that Gray Malin aerial beach scene.


  2. I just came across these and think they would be sweet as large prints:
    And for Kurt- Gilt was selling real size wall decals of Banksy's work.

  3. I really love abstract art! It's a nice way to bring together color and shape, without it being tied too much to a specific thing. The first real (real being "pricey") piece of art I ever purchased was Venus Envy by Heidi Taillefer. I saw this piece on Tumblr and fell in love with it. Actually, I think I talked about it when we were at Daina's Stella & Dot thing. ;) Every time I look at it, I find something new to appreciate. It's bright, bold, and large. It also looks great with my wall color.

    I'd check out Tumblr or Pinterest for design ideas. Maybe Apartment Therapy, too? I can't recommend a specific artist, but there's lots of inspiration out there!

  4. we don't have any huge pieces of art, but my favorites are an italy print from etsy hanging over our wine rack, a she hit pause framed photo of coney island, and a bangkok city print from rifle bond. all of which are stores or places you know about already. i do know this though - when i see something great for a spot that's been empty i know it when i see it, ya know! best of luck!


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