Friday, May 23, 2014

on the hunt: new sheets

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Kurt and I have one set of sheets for our bed. His mom got them for us. They're plaid. They're fine. However, lately I've been yearning for something that fits more into our design aesthetic but have been too cheap to invest in another set. I figured Kurt would be totally against it, claiming our current sheets got the job done and it would be silly to waste money just based on looks. Finally, I mentioned the desperate need to Kurt and he totally agreed! He thought I wouldn't want an extra set because I am opposed to superfluous items around our tiny apartment. Communication is our strong suit :) Anyway, now I need to find said sheets. We have this striped duvet from Ikea which would probably go best with a solid color, but I have my sights on a pattern. I think they wear better over time. There aren't a ton of great reasonably priced prints out there (#11 is not even an option even though I like the look), so don't judge that most of my choices are from the kid/teen department. Aren't those bikes awesome?! Which is your favorite? Any sources I'm missing?


  1. Easy peasy lemon squeazy: bikes.

  2. I think the polka dots would probably go well with the stripes, but any of these would work. It's fun to have a bright pop of color/pattern under something more basic. It's a bed time surprise. ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl


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