Monday, May 5, 2014

san francisco: day four

On our fourth day in San Francisco, Kurt and I decided to do some walking around. I wish we had had more time to explore like this, but the city is so spread out, it's hard to cover much ground on foot. We started out explored the Ferry Building Marketplace then walked up to Telegraph Hill. We heard really good things about Hayes Valley, but since it was a bit of a hike to get there and we had limited time and the public transit is less than efficient, we hopped in a cab. [Now, I've gotten used to NYC cabs which have a reputation for being pretty intense, but add in a daredevil driver and San Francisco's hills, and it was the most terrifying ride I've ever taken. I swear we were airborne off some of those hills! Thank goodness for good brakes!] Finally, we made it to Hayes Valley (which is, in fact, very cute) and had ice cream made right in front of us at Smitten and then strolled around some of the shops before stopping for a beer.

That evening we met up with some of my college friends across the bay in Oakland for a drink at Bar Dogwood. We were excited to explore a place a little off the beaten path (some call it the "Brooklyn of San Francisco") and even got an Airbnb apartment for our last evening in town. 

See days one, two, and three!

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  1. Remember that moment when we passed a few people on the sidewalk who were talking very intensely about something, then in the moment we passed them the guy exclaims to his friends: "then they blasted Nasir!"


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