Wednesday, May 21, 2014

weekend in raleigh, nc

A few weekends ago, Kurt and I went down to Raleigh to visit the Fantes. I had yet to meet their little one, Lila, so I was very excited to spend time with the growing family. Sadly, I didn't take many photos of our activities, so I will try to piece together our weekend as best I can.

There was talk of doing some "work around the house" but somehow I managed to escape that. However, Kurt was not so lucky and offered some plant consultation at the farmers market.

Don't tell the others, but Gracie is my favorite member of the Fante clan.

Kurt was also put to work putting some plants in the ground in the backyard.

We visited the handmade market. Kurt got a "sharrow" print for the apartment and we have our eye on some new pillows made from vintage sacks.

All the Fantes in one shot! And me hiding behind a gate.

Have you heard about the controversial house project that has been halted in one of Raleigh's historic districts? After dealing with so much red tape here in NYC, I was all hot and bothered by the case and am very much on the side to let them finish. Nosy neighbors are the worst.

Pretty downtown houses (not really meant to be commentary on the previous one!).

$5 mimosas at Capital Club 16

Friendly "cyclists" on a biking bar tour of downtown

We hit up the Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo in downtown on Sunday. There were tons of trucks and tons of patrons. Kurt and I hung out with a couple beers while people watching before finally choosing a Korean BBQ burrito. We should have tried a few more options but all the lines were pretty long. It was still a fun way to spend the afternoon in the sunshine.  

After a delicious dinner at The Pit, we wandered over to Tasty Beverage Company for some local beers.

Me with Lila and Jen! You have a baby?! In a bar?!

And then we flew back to NYC and straight to work (always seems like a good idea but never pleasant in practice). Thanks so much for hosting us, Jen and Joey! It's been far too long since we've seen you last. So when can I pencil you in for your next trip to NYC? I can probably rustle up some bicycles with baby seats :)

[Thanks for donating photos Jen and Kurt!]


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