Friday, June 20, 2014

recent readings

Considering I only read on my commute, I've been burning through books lately. I've really mastered the art of balancing on the train and instinctively knowing when my stop has arrived so as to maximize head down, reading time. Also, I've recently signed up for Good Reads which helps me keep track of what I've finished and figure out what is up next. 

I recently finished Eleanor & Park, a really sweet story of teenage romance against the odds. Makes me thankful I never have to go back to high school.  // I'm currently working on Rules of Civility and really enjoying the story. It's a juicy look at wealthy society in 1930s NYC. Makes me wish my life was a little more glamorous! 

I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve of books that are being made into movies, so I dutifully read The Fault in Our Stars. I timed the really emotional parts so I could read them at home (instead of a very public subway train) and have a good cry in private. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie soon and will be bringing wads of tissues with me for sure. // It's probably been 15 years since I read The Giver and I hear it is also getting it's moment on the big screen, I decided a refresher was in order. It was more simple than I remember (good to know 28 year old me is a tad more complex thinking than 13 year old me) but still tackles some interesting concepts. 

I really enjoyed reading the Hunger Games books last year but decided I needed a little break from 'post-apocalyptic young adult fiction' before starting on The Divergent Series. I'm glad I finally got around to it just in time to see the first movie. I think I prefer the HG story (although Divergent is really similar) but the books were still very entertaining. I must have gotten emotionally invested in the characters because I was noticeably sad when the books were finished! I will just have to miss my "friends" until the other movies come out.

The Goldfinch was long and exciting and interesting and sometimes unbelieveable. I wish I liked it more but after all that time reading, I needed more resolution and tied up loose ends. I recommend it but I can't say I looooved it as much as other people. // The Circle is about society letting technology going a smidge too far. I could barely look at phone without being creeped out for a few weeks! 

Honestly, I picked up Beautiful Ruins because I liked the cover. The story that spans half a century is kind of sweet and fun. Light beach reading. // The Interestings wasn't my favorite. It's engaging but not really exciting. It moved slow and took me forever to read and in the end I found it kind of depressing. I'm a happy ending kind of girl.

Next on my list is The Vacationers. It might make me very jealous of those with beach plans but I need something to get me in the summer vacation spirit (even if I do sit behind a desk all week). // I'm also looking forward to reading The Opposite of Loneliness. The author was killed in a car crash just days after graduating from Yale, but I hear her writing is excellent and reflective of her generation.

I'm always on the lookout for suggestions! Anything I should be reading?


  1. I felt the same way about The Interestings. I am reading 'Crazy Rich Asians' for book club now and have really enjoyed it. A few other good ones - 'Gone Girl', 'This is Where I Leave You', and Mindy Kaling's new book. I really like to see what you are reading. Thanks for the tips.


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