Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the belmont stakes

Early in June, Kurt and I took a day trip to see the Belmont Stakes hoping to watch California Chrome make history and win the Triple Crown. Apparently half of NYC and Long Island had the same idea because it was incredibly packed. We knew it would be a crazy day with no chance of watching the horse race from the track, so we packed some sandwiches and did lots of people watching in the backyard area behind the grandstand. So many hats! We learned how to place bets ($10 to win on horse #2!) and watched the exciting race from one of the many outdoor screens. Sadly, California Chrome didn't win but it was still a lovely day to spend at the race track. Don't ask me about getting home on the LIRR. That was a completely different story...

I got several of these race day photos from Kurt and I just want to say he is killing it with his photography these days! I really love that last one. It really captures what it was like once it was pretty clear there wasn't going to be a Triple Crown. Keep up the good work, Kurt!


  1. i was there, too! what a crazy, crazy (but very memorable) day! thanks for posting such great pictures - brought back some fun memories :)

  2. so fun you got to see the belmont - i've heard leaving can be atrocious tho :/


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