Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of july fireworks

Happy [belated] Independence Day, everyone! For the past few years, the big NYC fireworks show has been held on the Hudson River, catering to the west side of Manhattan and New Jersey. Finally, this year, they have been moved back to the East River near (and on) the Brooklyn Bridge to be shared with the legit boroughs. Kurt's parents were in town for the 4th, so they requested we get an up close view of the show from Brooklyn Bridge Park. The show was great and amazing and impressive (although surprisingly quiet), but there were just so many people there! Getting to the park and then returning home ended up being a bit of a hassle. (During the show, we could see cars parked on the BQE because traffic was so bad!) It was fun to experience the show up close, but next year I think I will try to find a nice, relaxed rooftop viewing spot. Or maybe a vacation outside the city!! Who knows!!


  1. Wow! Up close they do look insane - so many!

  2. they were beautiful, weren't they? such great pictures!


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