Friday, July 18, 2014

berkshires wedding weekend

Back in May (oy, where does the time go?), Kurt and I went to a friend's wedding in the Berkshires (I gave a quick instagram rundown way back when). Sometimes life without a car is complicated and expensive, especially when trying to get out of the city. We thought we would be clever (i.e. cheap) and take a Metro-North train to Poughkeepsie and rent a car there to save some $$. The train ride along the Hudson is fantastic but we ran into some complications with the rental car. After some cursing and stressing, it all worked out and we sped to get to the wedding on time in our minivan :)

The wedding was at Jiminy Peak in Western Massachusetts. It's a cute little ski resort that seems pretty sleepy in the summer months. We dashed for our hotel room and changed into our fancy clothes just in time to beat the couple to the ceremony. The wedding was small and sweet; the crowd mainly family and a few friends. We ate and drank and even did some dancing. After the main festivities, the groom fell asleep and the bride demanded we party it on. Being a small hotel in the middle of nowhere, we convinced the restaurant bartender it would be worth his while to stay open late for us. I think everyone went to bed happy.

The next day we had to return the rental car to Poughkeepsie but on the way stopped in Hudson, New York for breakfast. The town was very cute with lots of shops and restaurants in the historic downtown. I want to take the train back sometime and do some antique shopping!

points of interest: Jiminy Peak Resort, Hancock, MA // Half Time Beverage (fun beer store!) Poughkeepsie, NY // Le Gamin Country, Hudson, NY


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