Monday, August 4, 2014

weekend in review

It was such a fantastically full weekend (and summer...hence all the not blogging)! It all began with a twilight bbq in Prospect Park on Friday night. The sunlight hours weren't on our side but a strategic location (read: street lights) and candles helped us extend the gorgeous summer evening. 

Some friends graciously invited Kurt and I to a matinee Cirque du Soleil performance on Saturday afternoon. What an incredible show! The way those people move is out of this world. I was in pain (and awe) just watching. We followed that up by trying out the Other Half, a new brewery in Carroll Gardens, and getting some snacks at Lavender Lake. Since we were already nearby, I also convinced Kurt to try the new Ample Hills Creamery. I waited in line for a stupid amount of time to try their new flavor "It Came from Gowanus" but it was delicious (so worth it!). 

On Sunday, Kurt and I went to brunch at our friends' apartment in the Upper East Side. Their gorgeous home and impeccable entertaining skills made me feel like I live in a college dorm room but it was still a lovely time. Since I was already in Manhattan, I popped up to the Met to see the Charles James show before it closes. The dresses were lovely but I think the real art was in the construction (which was a little lost on me). I spent more time wandering through the American Wing of the museum. Did you know the Met has an enormous permanent collection of decorative arts? It houses everything from furniture to silver pieces to glass vases from colonial/Revolutionary times. The spoon collection alone is astounding. My fall resolution (those exist, right?) is to spend more time perusing all the fantastic museums we have here in the city once the weather turns chilly. Break up the eating and drinking with a little bit of culture! 

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  1. Funny, I thought all the silver spoons were in Williamsburg. :-p

    Cirque du Soleil was so impressive that I was sore on Sunday from just watching it!


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