Friday, September 19, 2014

buongiorno italia!

It's no secret that Kurt and I love to travel. We also love a good party. So when a couple NYC friends decided to get married in Rome (the bride's hometown), we booked our tickets without much hesitation. What a great excuse for an Italian vacation, right? (If you recall, we made a pretty similar trip back in 2010 for--you guessed it--another wedding. See all those posts here but please excuse the teeny photos!) We leave in less than 3 weeks (eep!) and are very excited about the 16 day journey. We're sticking to Italy and visiting the following places:


Until we leave, I will be freaking out about packing (what's the weather like in October?!?!) and trying to cram as much Italian from the DuoLingo app I can (not sure how useful "the monkey eats bananas" is going to be but I'm sticking with it). And of course I always get the urge to buy new things before a trip (my old stuff just doesn't seem Italy worthy) so some shopping is probably in order.

If you have any travel tips or favorite spots, please pass them along. I'm all ears! 


  1. That is so exciting! If you know any Spanish, you can use that, too. My parents said they spoke to folks in Spanish often and they got their point across. I haven't been to Italy yet, but my boyfriend studied/visiting a number of times. Siena is the other love of his life.

  2. OH MY GOSH you are going to have so much fun!! I am super jealous! Can't wait to see your photos!

  3. woooooooo buddy! that is quite the list. i am so excited for you. rome (and south of it) was hotter than i though it would be in october, milan is kind of boring, i spent a christmas in bergamo with one of my great friends from study abroad - i suggest you visit any little church there for mass - but if you can go to como instead, bergamo is deglihtful but is really just a suburb, a westchester in a way, eat the pesto in position, capri, or salerno (anywhere you are, eat the regional speciality, try to look it up before you go, it should blow your mind), and always say yes to cured meats/bread/wine/gelato, and finally ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

  4. I want to go with! Have fun and buy some new cute clothes for me too!


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