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              AISENBERG GmbH, mainly engaged in mechanical and electrical products controlled by industrial processes, focus on Production, Research and Trading. ASBG was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. ” The business performance of customers is optimized with the most reliable technology and the most convenient trade. Creating a competitive advantage for customers is always the mission of ASBG and the core of making ASBG the industry leader.
              We have been focusing on high-end automatic control valve trade and services. We are professional and enthusiastic just for the ultimate goal. That is, to provide you with cost-effective solutions to fluid control problems and lay a solid foundation for the better development of your company.
              AISENBERG grows from a self-controlled valve system integrator to a product and technology provider for industrial automation systems. Fast delivery and convenient service are the foundation of our development.
              ● Ball valves

              ● Butterfly valve

              ● Globe valve

              ●Check valve

              ●Gate valve

              ●Control valve

              ● Actuator & accessories

              ● Chemical factory

              ● Power station

              ● Steel factory

              ● Water treatment



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