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            SIZING DATA
            Process Medium: Such as Hydrogen,acid water,Boiler main feed water
            Design Temper/ Operating Temper ;Design Press./Inlet Press./Outlet Press./Shut-off Press.
            Flow Max,Normal,Min:   
            Density/specific Gravity/molecular w.
            Dynamic viscosity:   mPa.s
            Compressibility/Critical press. Pc: For gas;  Vapor press. Pv:  For Liquid 
            Is the medium special:Two phase flow ? suspended particles?

            Valve Service:  such as vent valve,Syngas control valve
            Pipe size/material/Press.Class
            Flow Characteristic: Equal percentage/linear/quick open/on-off
            Body material/Trim material
            Packing and Style of bonnet
            Leakage class/Flow open/close
            TYPE: control valve(sliding valve,rotatry valve)Shut-off valve(ball,butterfly,gate.etc)
            Connection type:flange/thread/welding

            Actuator Type: Pneumatic,Electric
            Handwheel:top/side mount,worm gear drive?
            Air/Power fail: open/close/lock
            Travel time/Air press.
            Positioner: smart/mechanical,feedback?,HART?FM/explosion-proof,single/double action。
            Limit switch:contact type/inductive
            Solenoid: 24V/220VAC,Body material:Cast aluminum or copper or stainless steel,Ex?,low power?
            Filter regulator: stainless or al. plastic?
            Valve environmental requirements: no oil degreasing, no copper, fire, anti-static
            Is there any brand requirement for valve accessories?
            Valve overall certification and standard requirements,Sil,API6D etc.
            Other requirements.
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