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        FLOWTECAL Control Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and marketer specialized in valves, actuators and flow management solutions. 

        Established in UK since May 1997 and entered China since 2004, FLOWTECAL has introduced its UK-originated advanced manufacturing techniques and management patterns, specializing in producing market-leading products such as pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and gas-hydraulic actuators and various automatic control valves. 

        To manifest the value of our products, we maintain the technical advantages and the high quality product management, paying close attention to product quality. In terms of services, we try our best to trace and satisfy the needs of our customers in order to provide our customers with more convenient and efficient services. 


        球阀 ● 蝶阀 ● 执行机构 ● 调节阀 ● 闸阀 ● 截止阀 ● 止回阀 ● 刀型闸阀 ● 小球阀 ● 卫生级阀门

        Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Actuator Regulator Gate Valve/Globe Valve/Check Valve Knife Gate Valve Small Ball Valve Hygiene Level Valve


        电力辅机 ● 石油化工 ● 食品轻工 ● 环保工程 ● 制糖

        Power auxiliaries, petrochemical industry, food light industry, environmental protection utility project