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        烟台金泰美林科技股份有限公司成立于1998年,十余年来致力于高科技结构陶瓷及陶瓷球阀、陶瓷调节阀的研发、生产及经营。主导产品KOWOV系列陶瓷球阀、陶瓷调节阀获得多项专利,其结构先进、规格齐全、通用性强,是强腐蚀、强磨损介质的克星,已成为最苛刻的流体控制工况下,稳定可靠、无可比拟的阀门,并广泛成功应用于环保能源、钢铁冶金、石油化工、矿山冶炼、造纸、煤化工、磨具磨料、多晶硅/有机硅等行业的多种恶劣、苛刻工况。 金泰美林拥有专业技术团队,公司建立了完善的研发设计和生产服务体系,公司于2006年通过了挪威船级社(DNV)的ISO9000:2001质量体系认证,于2013年3月通过了挪威船级社(DNV)的ISO9001:2008质量体系认证。公司还配备了先进的流量测试系统、自动化调试系统、阀门工作状况的仿真模拟系统和专业选型软件等硬件,确保为客户提供高品质控制阀及全方位的优良服务。

        Set up in the year of 1998 , with years of rich experiences in ceramic parts and ceramic ball valves research ,manufacturing and quality control ,Yantai Kingway Science & Technology Co. Ltd. successfully set up the joint venture company of Yantai Kingway Flow Control Co., Ltd. with Kowov Valves Inc of Canada in the year of 2006 . It is our pleasure to introduce and present to you our companys manufacturing valves under registered trademark of KOWOV , KOWOV now has mainly 5 different kinds of product series, for specialized in the strong-corrosive and the high-abrasive media , as well as even in the most demanding process systems 1.Ceramic lined ceramic ball valve FCCV1 2.PTFE lined ceramic ball valve FCCV2 3.FEP lined ceramic ball valve FCCV3 4.Stainless steel hard sealing ceramic ball valve FCCV-Z 5.Stainless steel soft sealing ceramic ball valve FCCV-F With our KOWOV premier Research & Development, manufacturing , valves testing and inspection facility , as well as our after sale service , we can help our customer select , install, and fully test in-house or on-site , now our KOWOV series products of ceramic ball valve are widely used in petrochemical , power plant, oil & gas industry , milling , metallurgy, mining , paper-making industry and many other fields all over the China and world ,and are saving our customer considerable time and making them good profit , KOWOV becomes one of the most trusted names in ceramic ball valve industry of the world .


        陶瓷球阀   陶瓷调节球阀

        Ceramic Ball Valves   Ceramic Control Valves




        Strong scouring media such as silica fume and TiO2 powder