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            Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.




            ubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd, located in Zigui, Hubei, the middle of China, the location of the Three Gorges Dam,is a high-tech corporation, whichdevelops, designs, manufactures, sells and services for valves and fittings manufacture, as well as offering the solution for the flow control, industrial process and the flow technical consultation . Founded in August 2007, with registered capital of 190 million, our company now covers an area of 121,787.17㎡.We are the pioneer who can applicate ball valve and butterfly valve sealing technology in this field, are devoted to cryogenic valve technology. Moreover, we are the leading enterprise who carried out cryogenic valve R&D and manufacture in central China.

            We have refined apparatus, eight production lines and three pipe fitting lines, and over 500 million RMB annual output value. There is a complete of international advance manufacturing equipments, including equipments for physical and chemical inspection, nondestructive test, spectrum, rockwell hardness test, cryogenic treatment and test, flow characteristic, etc. Meanwhile, we also have received certification of TS, ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental system, OHSAS19001 safety management system, API6A/6D, ABS, CE and SIL3, which contributes to an excellent quality guarantee system. Our product includes gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, control valve and a variety of special valves, ranged from DN25 to DN3900, PN2.0 to PN42, -256℃ to 630℃, which are widely used in oil and gas, chemical, power, shipbuilding, mining, water treatment and industrial systems. Our products are not only sold in domestic markets, but also exported to worldwide countries and regions, such as America, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, India and Hong Kong, etc.


            ● 低溫閘閥         
            ● 低溫球閥

            ● 低溫蝶閥

            ● 低溫止回閥

            ● 低溫截止閥